Used XANTREX XPD 18-30 #9161545 for sale

XPD 18-30
ID: 9161545
DC Power supply.
XANTREX XPD 18-30 is a heavy duty DC power supply designed to meet a wide range of industrial, scientific and commercial power needs. It is rugged and reliable, offering efficient AC-to-DC conversion, over temperature protection, and adjustable current and voltage limit settings. XPD 18-30 has an ultra-wide input voltage range from 9 VAC - 30 VAC, features a high-power output and measures 7.9" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 2.1" (H). It is IP20 rated and has a user-friendly display for monitoring voltage and amperage outputs. XANTREX XPD 18-30 offers advanced high-efficiency, low-cost operation and improved energy efficiency compared to older models. Its 18 amp power rating makes it suitable for a wide variety of moderate- to-heavy-duty applications such as powering LED lighting and testing of high-power electronic devices. The adjustable voltage and current settings help optimize performance and ensure the power output is within safe and reliable operating limits. It is also surge protected and designed with an internal fan to maintain optimal operating temperatures. XPD 18-30 is also capable of precise control of output voltage and current. This allows for precise monitoring of the output and ensures accuracy of test results for manufacturers and scientists. XANTREX XPD 18-30 features selectable fixed output voltage and adjustable current limiting for enhanced safety. The adjustable current limiting helps protect the device under test from short circuits and over-head currents. The high precision and low ripple characteristics of XPD 18-30 help maintain the integrity of the power supply's output. XANTREX XPD 18-30 is also equipped with an output adjustment to match the specific load. This allows the user to customize the voltage and current outputs depending on the application. It also features a temperate-controlled cooling system which helps the power supply run at optimal performance levels while protecting it from overheating. XPD 18-30 is designed for easy installation and use. Its intuitive user interface makes it a great choice for industrial and scientific applications. It is an excellent choice for powering a wide range of electronics and testing devices, and its adjustable settings and surge protection make it an ideal choice for demanding power applications.
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