Used KLA / TENCOR (Probers) for sale

KLA / TENCOR is a leading manufacturer of advanced process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor industry. They have an extensive product portfolio that includes various types of inspection and metrology systems. One of the key advantages of KLA / TENCOR products is their accuracy and precision in measuring critical parameters during semiconductor manufacturing processes. This helps in ensuring high product quality and improving yields. These systems are equipped with advanced technologies such as advanced optics, sensors, and computational algorithms, enabling them to provide reliable and repeatable measurements. KLA / TENCOR offers a range of analogues based on the specific needs of semiconductor manufacturers. For instance, the 1007 and 1007E models are popular solutions for surface profilometry and thin film measurement applications. These systems offer accurate and non-destructive measurement of parameters such as film thickness, step height, and surface roughness. Another notable example is the VersaProbe VP10, which is a versatile scanning electron microscope (SEM) that offers high-resolution imaging and analysis capabilities. It can be used for various applications such as defect analysis, failure analysis, and process development. This SEM system is equipped with advanced technology, allowing for detailed investigations of semiconductor materials and structures. Overall, KLA / TENCOR products provide semiconductor manufacturers with precise and reliable measurement solutions, contributing to improved process control, higher yields, and enhanced product quality.