Used ADIXEN ACP 15 #9142133 for sale

ACP 15
ID: 9142133
ADIXEN ACP 15 is a high-performance pump designed for use in numerous applications including monitoring of ultra-high vacuum UHV systems and analytical instrumentation. ACP 15 is a dry, oil-free, two-stage, rotary-vane (mechanical) pump designed for maximum reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. It features a sealed-for-life crankcase design, energy-efficient motor, and integrated gas ballast to reduce outgassing. ADIXEN ACP 15 is a popular choice in vacuum systems due to its low noise level, efficient operation, and long service life. ACP 15 offers a wide operating range from atmospheres to an ultimate pressure of 5x10-2 mbar or 0.1 mTorr. It has a free-air displacement of 15 m3/h (870 lpm) and maximum gas capacity of 870 m3/h. The flange on ADIXEN ACP 15 is ISO 63CKF with 25 mm (O-ring) connections and a NW25KF adapter for connecting KF flanges. The motor installed in the pump has two-speed capabilities, allowing for adjustment of the speed according to the application. The motor is a induction type motor with a maximum operating power of 0.17 kW. The speed of the motor is adjustable between 1750 and 3450 rpm. ACP 15 is equipped with a variety of protective systems to ensure safe and reliable operation. An integrated mechanical vibration damper ensures greatly reduced vibration levels, while a thermally managed motor ensures efficient cooling and a long service life. The pump is also equipped with an integrated pressure relief valve for safe use in the event of over-pressure. ADIXEN ACP 15 pump is a reliable and user-friendly solution for UHV operation, analytical instrumentation, and many other applications. With its wide range of features and comprehensive protective systems, the pump offers superior performance, longevity, and safety, making it an excellent option for use in demanding applications.
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