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AERZEN 15.10
ID: 9081774
AERZEN 15.10 is a pump designed to provide reliable, efficient and economical solutions for a variety of markets. The pump is renowned for its robustness, dependability and long life in demanding applications. Its advanced design and construction make it a reliable solution for many pumping requirements, allowing it to meet various standards, including those issued by ASTM and UL for hazardous location use. AERZEN 15.10 is an industrial grade side channel pump that uses advanced rotor-stator technology to provide pumping of liquids at high pressure and large flow rates. The pump features a double stage design with a forward curved axial impeller and a radial impeller, combining superior efficiency and reliable performance. This design is capable of providing high pressure and high capacity of up to 4,500 m3/hr, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. AERZEN 15.10 is extremely efficient and reliable and offers a wide range of operating temperatures. It has a robust, corrosion-resistant cast iron construction with a rust-resistant stainless steel casing that provides superior protection against wear and tear. The pump also features a four-way sealing system and a wide variety of integrated protection systems, including overload protection and thermal protection, to ensure optimum output and a long and productive life. AERZEN 15.10 is available in a large range of sizes and configurations, making it able to meet the needs of a variety of systems and industries. It has a wide variety of connections, including threaded, a British Standard Pipe and a Heavy Duty Flange Connection. It also comes in both single and dual speed capacities, allowing for higher operating pressures with higher flow rates. AERZEN 15.10 is also easy to maintain and can be connected to a variety of systems. It has a built-in vibration monitor, allowing for quicker and more accurate diagnostics, as well as a vibration dampening system for improved acoustic insulation. This pump is also equipped with an adjustable mechanical seal and multiple pumping systems, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. In conclusion, AERZEN 15.10 is a robust and reliable pump designed for a wide range of applications and providing dependable performance. Its well designed construction and advanced technology make it a reliable solution for any pump system, while its long life and efficient performance make it a cost-effective solution.
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