Used AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 1100 Series G1312A #9057556 for sale

ID: 9057556
Binary pump.
AGILENT / HP / HEWLETT-PACKARD / KEYSIGHT 1100 Series G1312A is a high-performance, multi-functional pump used in various industries. It is designed with superior pumping power, making it ideal for large-scale operations, such as those found in the chemical and scientific industries. The G1312A features a direct-drive DC-motor that provides unparalleled power output and long-term reliability. It is equipped with dual-bearing technology to ensure maximum life and reduced noise during operation. Additionally, the internal control-module provides users with the ability to set and monitor the pump's performance and access diagnostic reports. It is also backed by HP up-time repair and maintenance service, making it increasingly dependable. The G1312A is available in numerous configurations, meaning users can customize the performance capabilities of their pump. It is capable of operating at varying levels of displacement, up to 1150 L/hr, and pressure of up to 6 bar. It can be used in both aspirating and recirculating applications that require high-pressure and/or large volumes of liquid. The G1312A can also be used as a dry pump for filter applications, adiabatic cooling systems, and configurable G1313A low-pump-vibration configurations. Its advanced design and construction make it an ideal choice for sensitive applications, such as those found in the medical and laboratory industries. The G1312A is constructed out of durable materials that provide superior corrosion/wear resistance and compatibility with harsh chemicals. It also has a low-profile, meaning it can easily fit in tight spaces. Furthermore, the G1312A is also compatible with a variety of existing laboratory equipment, such as gas chromatographs, centrifuges, incubators, and automatic titraters. Overall, HP 1100 Series G1312A is a reliable, powerful, and versatile pump that is suitable for numerous applications. It has an adjustable displacement range of up to 1150 L/hr and a maximum pressure of 6 bar, allowing users to get the most out of their operations. It is also constructed out of durable materials, making it compatible with harsh chemicals in sensitive applications.
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