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ID: 9060598
Infusion pumps.
ALARiS 7130 is a sophisticated, easy-to-use syringe pump. It is designed for safe and accurate delivery of fluids, medication, and blood products that are needed during anesthesia, critical care, and other medical procedures. It provides clinicians with the ability to control and customize fluid and medication delivery for each patient according to individual needs. 7130 includes a large LCD display that provides detailed views of drug flow parameters. It features several safety features to ensure accurate, safe and precise drug delivery, including continuous pressure monitoring, visual and audible alarms, and automatic detection of drug delivery changes. Its interactive touchscreen display makes it easy to setup and control drug and fluid delivery. The pump includes five flow rate presets for convenience, allowing clinicians to quickly and easily switch between flow rate and drug concentration settings. It can also be programmed to monitor multiple drug concentrations simultaneously. Additionally, its unique Ability to Limit Bolus (ALB) feature provides the clinician with the ability to limit the concentration and rate of delivery of drug boluses. ALARiS 7130 includes a range of features designed to increase safety and accuracy including pressure monitoring, calibration checking, spike detection, occlusion detection and wireless drug delivery. It also features an onboard library of drugs and fluids and provides support for bar-code scanning and active infusion drug library to facilitate quick and secure medication delivery. The pump is compatible with a range of accessories making it ideal for a variety of clinical uses. These include the patented Freeflo needleless syringe connector, a Teleflex Phospholipid Delivery System, a Power Shot connector for ready-to-use syringes, a drug label printer, and a range of IV delivery lines and tubing. 7130 is designed to meet the rigorous safety and accuracy standards of the healthcare industry and is certified to UL and JPAL standards. It is simple to use, reliable and cost effective. With its precise drug delivery capabilities, features and accessories, ALARiS 7130 is the perfect choice for accurate and safe drug delivery.
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