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IVAC 7000C
ID: 9060599
Infusion pump.
ALARiS IVAC 7000C vacuum pump is a professional-grade instrument designed to provide superior vacuum performance when carrying out a variety of industrial, medical, and laboratory applications. This high-end model is ideal for applications that require precise pressure regulation, state-of-the-art safety features, and long-term durability. IVAC 7000C features a robust aluminum and stainless steel construction, which provides a robust and reliable unit in demanding industrial and laboratory environments. Its oil-lubricated design ensures the pump will stay running smoothly over the long haul, while its sealed chamber ensures maximum vacuum pressure when necessary. ALARiS IVAC 7000C also boasts a wide range of built-in safety features. A startup self-diagnosis system runs a series of diagnostic checks on the pump before it begins functioning, ensuring that the vacuum pressure is maintained correctly and safely. An overflow tank prevents potential mishaps during high-volume liquid and gas handling, while two safety shut-off switches protect users from potential accidents. Users can program up to five adjustable time and pressure settings for precise control and accuracy. This makes it suitable for laboratories and industry professionals alike, as it can be adapted to a variety of applications. An LCD screen mounted on the pump's housing allows users to view and adjust the programmed settings, while a built-in diagnostic system allows for easy maintenance and troubleshooting. IVAC 7000C has a maximum pressure range of up to 700 mbar and offers adjustable vacuum power from 50 to 700 mbar. This vacuum pump also has a very low noise level of only 42dB, making it suitable for use in quiet environments, such as medical and laboratory settings. This professional-grade vacuum pump is designed to last, with a 5-year warranty and service life of up to 10,000 operating hours. Overall, ALARiS IVAC 7000C is the perfect solution for laboratories, industry professionals, and other users requiring precise pressure regulation and maximum user safety.
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