Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2008AC #9059966 for sale

ID: 9059966
Vacuum pump, 7 CFM.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2008AC pump is an entity-type vacuum pump designed to ensure low maintenance and a high level of performance. ADIXEN 2008AC is a rotary-vane vacuum pump and is a single-stage, belt driven, oil-sealed pump. It provides reliable operation, easy maintenance, and a long life with minimum downtime. ALCATEL 2008AC has an advanced design allowing for superior performance and efficiency. It features a shaft seal which ensures low oil consumption and minimized potential of oil leaks. It has a wide range of capacities, with a volume flow rate of 3 m³/hr to 16 m³/hr and a ultimate pressure of 0.2 mbar. 2008AC also offers an easy-to-operate control panel which allows for adjusting the speed and setting the vacuum level. The atmosphere is exhausted through an exhaust pipe. PFEIFFER 2008AC is constructed to ensure a durable, low-maintenance operation. It's designed for efficient operation with improved cooling and sound reduction features. The pump includes an inlet filter which is capable of removing particulates, thus protecting the internal components. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2008AC is also equipped with an automatic oil-level indicator and a liquid-ring seal, as well as a mechanical seal which helps to reduce the risk of oil leakage. In addition, ADIXEN 2008AC pump can be operated in a wide range of temperatures, up to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius. It has a robust construction with an operating sound level of less than 75 dB(A). However, care should be taken during assembly, operation and maintenance as this type of pump is combustible if exposed to high temperatures. To ensure the best performance and long life, maintenance of ALCATEL 2008AC should be regularly scheduled. The pump should be serviced regularly and particular attention should be paid to the cooling system, which needs to be inspected and cleaned once a year. Furthermore, 2008AC should be regularly lubricated and the oil filter should be replaced at least once a year. In conclusion, PFEIFFER 2008AC pump is a reliable and efficient rotary-vane vacuum pump. It offers low maintenance, a high level of performance, and a long lifespan with minimum downtime. Regular maintenance and oil changes are needed to ensure its longevity and efficient operation.
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