Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2012A #9094874 for sale

ID: 9094874
Rotary pump Part Number: 786725 Displacement: 15 CMH Inlet connection: KF25 Outlet connection: KF25 (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air Motor power: 0.37 kW 240 V 1 Phase.
The ALATELALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2012A is an innovative, highly reliable and robust turbomolecular pump designed for industrial and laboratory applications. It features a low noise and vibration level, making it suitable for a variety of environments. The ALATELADIXEN 2012A is a single-stage, direct-drive turbomolecular pump with a modular design, allowing for a quick and easy service. It is equipped with a dual-bearing design and a modern controller board, offering users a wide range of control options. The ALATELALCATEL 2012A has a maximum pumping speed for air of 84 l/s and operates within a normal pressure range of 0.025-760 mbar. It features a fast pumping speed response and a high-pressure rise of up to 20,000 mbar, allowing it to produce high-end performance in high-vacuum applications. It has a high volumetric flow rate of 7.9 KW, with a standard power consumption of 180 W. The ALATELPFEIFFER 2012A has a fast start-up speed and cools down quickly. It is designed for low interior leakage and is manufactured to meet strict environmental criteria. It also offers a high degree of protection against dust and contaminants. It has a reliable self-cleaning capability, ensuring consistent maintenance and long-term operation. The ALATEL2012A is equipped with easy adaptation and intuitive control of operating parameters, allowing users to enjoy a precise and stable vacuum. It also features a wide range of monitoring and shutdown features, which protect the pump from overloading and external power surges. This robust pump also features a programmable interface with an advanced menu structure and a user-friendly graphical display. The pump is CE and ROHS compliant, making it safe and suitable for use in different locations and applications. The ALATELALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2012A is an ideal pump for vacuum operations, particularly for laboratories and research applications. It offers high reliability, low noise levels, and a robust design, making it the perfect choice for industrial and laboratory environments around the world.
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