Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2012AC #9088659 for sale

ID: 9088659
Vacuum pump, 11 CFM.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2012AC is an oil sealed rotary vane, diffusion pump manufactured by ADIXEN, ALCATEL, and PFEIFFER. This type of pump works by using a rotating vane that moves air out of the pump cavity, thus creating a vacuum. The pump is designed to create a low pressure environment and is commonly used in a variety of industrial applications such as vacuum coating, welding, and freeze drying. ADIXEN 2012AC model features a single stage, oil-sealed design with a maximum pumping speed of up to 240 cubic feet per hour. It has a vacuum range of up to 1 micron of Hg. This pump can be controlled manually or remotely using a digital interface. The exterior of the pump is corrosion resistant and is powered by a single phase 220-240 volt AC motor. The pump is equipped with a cartridge filter to trap liquid as well as gas particles for upstream protection. A mechanical safety valve prevents the pressure from exceeding the upper limit of the pump and can be easily adjusted up or down. The oil level of the pump should be monitored regularly to ensure optimal performance. The pump is compact in size and lightweight, making it easy to install in confined areas. The internal design of the pump is meant to reduce turbulence and flow losses. It has a low noise level of 49 dB(A) measured at a distance of 1 meter away. The motor has a high efficiency with an insulation rating of IEC 60034-5-V1. Overall, ALCATEL 2012AC model is an efficient and reliable pump that is typically used in industrial and research applications. Its low pressure capability and noise levels make it suitable for a wide range of applications. The pump requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and long service life.
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