Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2021A #9069481 for sale

ID: 9069481
Wet pump., 4mTorr.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2021A is a robust and reliable pump designed to provide a substantial improvement in performance compared to other vacuum pumps of its kind. It features a durable and low vibration scientific grade pump head, capable of achieving reliable and consistent performance. ADIXEN 2021A pump uses a frequency-controlled 1200W drive motor that provides superior energy efficiency with low maintenance. It is also capable of delivering an ultimate pressure of 1Pa and a pumping speed that can reach speeds as high as 760 m3/h for rapid and stable operation. This high performance pump has an integrated, digital control unit which can be tuned to monitor pressure and temperature conditions for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. It has an ergonomically designed carrying frame and integrated seals, designed to ensure full Safety and easy displacement of the pump from one location to another. ALCATEL 2021A also includes a comprehensive range of accessories, such as a pre-vacuum flange, a multi-valve, O-rings and a filter cartridge ensuring quick and easy fitting and replacement. 2021A is a superior pump with excellent performance and precision, making it an ideal choice for industrial and laboratory vacuum applications. It offers a consistent and reliable pumping performance due to its vibration reduction system, allowing for longer pump life with minimal service and maintenance. PFEIFFER 2021A also is equipped with stainless steel and anodized aluminum components for superior strength and durability, as well as corrosion resistance. This pump is also equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system for crucial parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate, making sure they remain within the desired range. This system is designed to display warning messages when parameters exceed set limits for quick reaction and intervention. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2021A also has an LED display panel for monitoring performance and control of the pump. Overall, ADIXEN 2021A is a highly reliable and efficient pump, capable of meeting the most exacting demands of laboratory and industrial vacuum applications.
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