Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2030C #123106 for sale

ID: 123106
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2030C is a turbopump specifically designed for high vacuum production and process applications. This model is especially suitable for applications in the semi-conductor, metalworking, medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory industries. ADIXEN 2030C operates as an in-line flow pump. Its performance features a capacity of pumping up to 270 m3/hr with a displacement speed of 1250 revolutions per minute. Additionally, it is designed to provide reliable operation in a wide range of applications, offering maximum flexibility for mounting and installation. The pump has advanced sealing technology to prevent any outgassing whilst maintaining a reliable and consistent flow. Its internal smoke trapping allows for lower internal pressure, which increases efficiency and reduces operating costs. ALCATEL 2030C is highly efficient and robust in energy consumption with a pumping speed drift of less than 1%. The motor has a built in high efficiency drive meant to support extended life and operation. With overload protection, the pump is designed to automatically adjust its power and operation, in the event of a power surge. The pump also boasts a low maintenance design, designed to require less service interventions due to the improved robustness of the rotating components. The temperature monitoring and active safety design of the pump also make for a longer life cycle and more consistent operation. It has an alarm system that allows for operators to monitor pump performance and maintenance requirements in real time. Overall, 2030C is a reliable and energy efficient pump perfectly suited for a variety of industrial and process applications. Its advanced design and specialised ability to handle large pumping capacity make it an ideal choice for production and process requirements.
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