Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033 CP+/C2 #123119 for sale

ID: 123119
Vacuum pump.
ADIXEN 2033 CP+/C2 serves as an oil-sealed manufactured turbo-molecular pumping equipment designed to obtain high compression ratios for the pumping of dry and non-aggressive gases. It achieves a compression ratio of 1 x 10-9 mbar in just one pumping system, while providing an ultimate pressure range of 5 x 10-10 mbar. The unit is equipped with an oil-sealed 3-stage and 2-stage pumping machine, which is designed to provide excellent performance and reliability. Moreover, the pump also features self-diagnostic capabilities and can be remotely controlled over the Ethernet network. The tool is equipped with a powerful AC induction motor and drive station which are designed to provide a maximum working speed of 30,000 rpm. The motor is of extremely low noise level and operates in perfect each time. The drive station includes temperature sensors and overload protection which helps to ensure a smooth operating environment. The asset also features two high-efficiency chillers and a high-precision temperature controller which are responsible for keeping the pump at the desired temperature and ensuring the model operates efficiently, while two exhaust silencers helps dampen any operating noise. Moreover, the entire setup is provided with all necessary electrical and monitoring components including a main assembly panel, a equipment voltage controller, individual PCBs as well as an auto-start/stop switch. The system also includes a high-precision drive within the oil-sealed pump chamber consisting of a ball screw, magnets, permanent magnets and spring loaded drives. It also includes a vacuum oil mist separator, which is designed toseparate any dirt or contaminants from the oil used in the unit, ensuring that only the purest oil reaches the machine. Overall, ALCATEL 2033 CP+/C2 oil-sealed manufactured turbo-molecular pumping tool is a powerful and reliable pumping asset that is designed to attain high compression ratios and maintains excellent performance and reliability. It is provided with all necessary components and is highly efficient at producing dry and non-aggressive gases.
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