Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033 #121826 for sale

ID: 121826
Vacuum pump 27 CFM Power: 208V, 3Ph.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033 cryopump is a high performance, oil-free vacuum pumping system designed for use in various commercial, industrial, and medical applications. This single-stage, direct-drive pump has a pumping speed of up to 6.76 m3/h, making it well suited for rough and medium vacuum requirements. ADIXEN 2033 is reliable and easy to maintain, featuring a durable, stainless steel body and a built-in oil-filled chamber. It also has an integrated pressure gauge for accurate measurement of the vacuum. ALCATEL 2033 pump offers fast start-up times, thanks to its unique design and proprietary speed controller. The speed controller increases the pump speed when the vacuum is insufficient, speeding up the start-up process considerably. In addition, the controller ensures that the pump is operating at an optimal level at all times, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimizing downtime. The controller also allows the pump to be run at a lower speed, allowing longer pump-down times on systems with including very large volumes. 2033 cryopump utilizes special cryogenic pumps, and associated equipment and components, to achieve its superior performance. The cryogenic pumps utilize cryogenic liquid nitrogen as a coolant, enabling them to achieve high pumping speeds and reduce energy consumption. The other components of the system include a cryogenic cooling system, a vacuum oil separator, a refrigeration unit, and a controller panel. PFEIFFER 2033 cryopump is an excellent choice for general purpose applications where high pumping speed and efficient operation are desired. It is an ideal choice for laboratory and medical applications, as well as for industrial applications where reliable and efficient operation is essential. Because of its low operating temperature, it is also often used in cryogenic systems. Its superior performance, durable construction, and reliable operation make it an optimal choice for a wide range of applications.
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