Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033A #9096660 for sale

ID: 9096660
Vacuum pump Pumping speed: 27 CFM or 765 L/MN at 60Hz Can be wired for 208V or 440V operation Oil capacity: 2.8 quart Flange size: NW40 Stages: 2 Free air displacement cfm/(1/min): 27 (765) Ultimate vacuum (partial pressure measurement), mbar: <5X10-4 Ultimate gas ballast (total pressure measurement), mbar: <5X10-2 Water vapor @ 30°C, grams/hr: 700 Water vapor tolerance mbar 30 Oil capacity,qt/(I) : 3.8 (3.6) Motor hp TEFC: 1 1/2 Motor speed, rpm (nom): 1800.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033A pump is a popular choice for scientific and industrial applications due to its excellent performance and versatility. It is a turbo molecular pump engineered specifically for low vacuum and medium vacuum applications. It is capable of pumping at flows up to 130 l/s, and its superior performance characteristics include a fast vacuum buildup time, high ultimate vacuum, and excellent maintenance. ADIXEN 2033A pump is based on a dry and oil free turbo molecular pumping system. Its pumping speed is sustained by its radial and axial fan stages which provide an efficient and reliable source of pumping power. It is designed with a robust yet lightweight plated stainless steel body and integrated quartz-glass control components. This ensures high performance and a long service life in the most demanding industrial and laboratory applications. ALCATEL 2033A provides an automatic restart capability which ensures start-up and shut-down are controlled reliably at each level. It also has a status indicator which rapidly indicates disturbances such as overload or power failure. 2033A also has a damping chamber that helps accumulate particles, thereby cooling and filtering the gas to ensure proper operation. PFEIFFER 2033A has a wide operating temperature range and is capable of pumping many gases. It also features a wide range of accessories such as tubing, couplers, adapters, and valves. It can also be used with a variety of other pumps and compressors, making it a highly versatile and versatile vacuum system. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033A is a great choice for any industrial or scientific vacuum application, thanks to its exceptional performance, reliability, and robust design. Its superior technical specifications and competitive price make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.
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