Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033C #9095835 for sale

ID: 9095835
Pump Part Number 786012 Displacement: 35CMH Inlet connection: NW40 Outlet connection: NW40 (2) Stages Type of oil: PFPE Gas ballast: No Cooling: Air Accessories available:, Oil Mist Filter, Inlet Filter 1.1 kW 415V 3Phase.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033C pump is a diaphragm diffusion vacuum pumping system designed for distribution in the most demanding and critical industrial application fields. It consists of two parts: the mechanical pump and the electronic controller. The mechanical pump is designed with an optically perfect vacuum chamber that allows full maintenance free operation and optimal vacuum performance without any manual adjustment. The dipstick-controlled electronic controller is based on the latest microprocessor technology and offers a high level of operating convenience. ADIXEN 2033C pump combines a great performance with a compact and economical design. It provides an ultimate all-around solution for low and high vacuum systems. The mechanical pump comprises two pairs of different sized diaphragms in order to achieve and maintain a continuous vacuum. The high precision machined conical bodies of the pump housings have an excellent dynamic stability and long service life. This allows users to reliably control and maintain the desired vacuum level over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Besides the innovative internally water-cooled system, ALCATEL 2033C also features a low vibration level due to the sound-damping and resonator type of diaphragm combine with the pump housing. Additionally, the diaphragm pump station is equipped with a great performance and well-functioning air-polarized fan motor. This combination enables 2033C to pump at a remarkably quiet level while achieving excellent ultimate vacuum levels. PFEIFFER 2033C is also equipped with a powerful electronic controller, which allows full maintenance and operational control. The integrated Electronic of ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2033C provides a great level of precision and operational control as well as a real-time monitoring of the performed operation tasks. It is also equipped with an input connector allowing integration inside an automation system. The highly sensitive internal pressure gauge and its pressure relays provide a great accuracy and efficiency. ADIXEN 2033C is a great choice for industrial applications such as high-precision vacuum systems. Thanks to its innovation, precision, and reliability, this pump will allow you to operate and maintain your vacuum systems optimally for many years.
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