Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2063A #140494 for sale

ID: 140494
Vacuum pumps CFM: 50 Power rating: 240/480V, 3-phase.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2063A is a multi-stage diaphragm pump, designed with advanced technology and superior performance for a wide range of applications. This pump is a reliable and efficient device that delivers a continuous and precise flow of gases, vapors, and liquids. It is ideal for applications such as the evacuation and gas handling of the vacuum systems. This pump is composed of a small, robust body made of stainless steel which makes it both lightweight and durable. The combined vacuum and pressure systems ensure that the pump performs in a homogeneous way for longer lifespans. ADIXEN 2063A model features two-tone aluminum piping with built-in automatic pressure regulation functions. This model is also equipped with a multistage diaphragm design, offering high accuracy and operating without cycle stoppage. ALCATEL 2063A has an adjustable speed, which allows users to alter the reference rpm and optimize the performance of the pump. This model also features an integrated start/stop control system for quick, efficient operation. It has a modular interface which allows for easy connection and flexible installation, with LCD displays and digital controllers. This unit is designed to be highly reliable and capable of performing intensive, long-term operations. 2063A has a number of high-precision vacuum and pressure regulation functions, making it ideal for many applications. It also offers seven different types of vacuum pumps and three types of bypass pumps, designed to meet different needs. The maximum operating temperature of the unit is 80 °C, with a maximum permissible pressure of 350 mbar. The output of the pump is electronically adjustable, allowing users to regulate their processes with a higher precision. PFEIFFER 2063A is an energy-efficient pump that offers excellent properties, accuracy, and reliability. It is ideal for both low and high-pressure needs, and can be used for a range of various tasks. The pump's adjustable speed and integrated start/stop system make it the perfect choice for a number of applications.
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