Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2063A #9059972 for sale

ID: 9059972
Vacuum pump Stages: 2 Free air displacement cfm/(1/min): 50 (1420) Ultimate vacuum (partial pressure measurement), mbar: <5X10-4 Ultimate gas ballast (total pressure measurement), mbar: <5X10-2 Water vapor @ 30°C, grams/hr: 1200 Water vapor tolerance mbar 25 Oil capacity,qt/(I) : 7.1 (6.7) Motor hp TEFC: 3.0 Motor speed, rpm (nom): 1800.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2063A is a vacuum pump designed for precise industrial and laboratory use. It operates on a single phase alternating current supply and is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the industrial, scientific and medical industries. ADIXEN 2063A provides good ultimate vacuum performance, with an ultimate pressure of up to 2 mbar. It has both continuous operation and pressure control settings for improved precision. It is designed for long service life, with many parts made of stainless steel or hard wearing nickel-plated materials to minimize wear and abrasion. The ribs on the vacuum chamber housing maximize interior volume. This enables higher pumping speeds to be achieved than with standard pumps. The pump is able to run smoothly and quietly, using its variable speed and power settings. It features an integrated safety valve and dual stage operation, allowing for increased pumping efficiency and improved performance. The heavy duty motor is easy to maintain, while the pump provides reliable service even under demanding conditions. ALCATEL 2063A is equipped with a wide range of operation settings to ensure safe operation. This includes an LED display for displaying pump performance information, filter warnings, motor cycles and alarms. It also offers an over temperature protection system, which provides indication before any potential breakdowns occur. Other features include a balanced port configuration, allowing for efficient suction power and optimal exhaust pressure. In addition, the in-built air tight seal ensures an efficient operation. Overall, 2063A is an excellent choice for industrial and laboratory vacuum applications. With its high-quality materials and components, it ensures reliable and efficient operation. It is easy to maintain and offers sufficient control and monitoring functions to ensure that it is working at peak performance.
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