Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2063CP+ #133134 for sale

ID: 133134
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2063CP+ is a compact, high-performance, low-maintenance, piston-driven pump designed for use in precision laboratory and production processes. This innovation of ADIXEN Vacuum provides a leak-proof seal with no risk of contamination, ensuring reliable, consistent performance. ADIXEN 2063CP+ is built for ultimate efficiency. With an ultimate vacuum of 1.0E-5 mbar, a pumping speed of up to 60 liters/min., and a fore pressure range of 0 to 250 mbar, this intuitive machine is ready for any task. The heavy duty construction, modular design, and state of the art sealing system provide long-term reliability and easy maintenance. The addition of a second stage on the rotating vane vacuum pump results in improved ultimate performance compared to single stage designs. ALCATEL 2063CP+ is designed to provide excellent performance and wear characteristics. The double-seal technology ensures there is a continuous barrier to prevent the escape of any particles. This technology also ensures that the exchange of gas and vapor between the inside and outside of the chamber are kept at an absolute minimum. This prevents the distortion of gas or vapor flow in the chamber, which could lead to a decrease in performance or damage to the pump. The compact, lightweight design of PFEIFFER 2063CP+ makes it an ideal choice for applications in a wide range of industries. The machine is safe and easy to handle and can be installed with minimal effort. This makes it an attractive option for users who will be transporting the pump between laboratories or remote sites. 2063CP+ features a comprehensive monitoring system that allows users to set operating parameters and receive feedback concerning the machine's performance. This helps to reduce downtime and keep the pump running in peak condition. A range of protective features are also built into the machine, including overprimeniency protection, full power control, and the capability to detect and compensate for process variations. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 2063CP+ is highly reliable, easy to use, and suitable for a variety of tough applications. With excellent performance and wear characteristics, long-term reliability, and intuitive monitoring and control systems, this machine is sure to provide a solid, cost-effective solution for precision laboratory and production processes.
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