Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 5101 #179429 for sale

ID: 179429
Turbo pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 5101 rotary vane type vacuum pump is designed to provide reliable, repeatable, and efficient performance in any industrial, lab, or process application. This pump is the perfect solution for evacuating from large chambers, creating vacuum processes, or creating and maintaining a low pressure environment. A minimum ultimate vacuum of approximately 0.6 mbar is available with up to 4.1 m3/hr of pumping speed (factory specified). The integrated diaphragm valve is ideal for eliminating gas contamination from outlets, preventing against process contamination whilst also reducing maintenance requirements. ADIXEN 5101 also features a vapor controlled valve plate which is perfect for controlling the vapors during operation, reducing the ultimate vacuum value. Furthermore, it is equipped with a certificate of conformity to prove the accuracy and reliability of the stated performance. ALCATEL 5101 pump is highly reliable, with an innovative design that is able to reduce the number of wear parts and ensure long service life. This means the pump is designed to work with a minimum of maintenance and independent of environmental factors. In addition, the vibration isolation package ensures reduced vibration levels and reduces the impact of the pump on its surroundings. The design of 5101 pump also ensures easy maintenance. The pump is equipped with a touch panel which allows for visual inspection of the operating data during the operation process. Access to critical parts for maintenance is also simplified by a removable front panel. This design further reduces downtime and maintenance costs. PFEIFFER 5101 pump is the ideal solution for any industrial, lab or process application where reliable, efficient and repeatable vacuum performance is required. Due to its highly reliable design, innovative operating features, minimal maintenance requirements, and overall low cost of ownership, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 5101 pump is a great choice for any application that is in need of a reliable, efficient, and repeatable vacuum solution.
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