Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 5400 #179431 for sale

ID: 179431
Turbo pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 5400 is a high-performance, liquid piston vacuum pump designed for a range of specialized applications. The pump is capable of achieving high vacuum pressure levels and is known for its superior performance characteristics and low operating noise. It is often used in laboratories and research facilities, as well as other demanding industrial settings. ADIXEN 5400 uses a patented liquid piston technology to provide reliable operation at vacuum pressures up to 10-2 mbar. The sealed design ensures optimum efficiency and precise control over pressure levels, while a modern control system makes adjustments simple and precise. This pump is capable of achieving fast and smooth pressure changes, from rough to fine pumping levels. ALCATEL 5400 is a compact and lightweight pump, with a small footprint ideal for tight spaces. It has a low vibration operation and runs efficiently with minimal noise levels. For added convenience, the pump can be set up in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. It can also be inverted for easier installation and maintenance. PFEIFFER 5400 features an adjustable speed system, so you can establish your own parameters for precise vacuum levels. It also has an integrated communication interface and an easy-to-use control panel that provides real-time information and monitoring. This allows users to respond quickly and accurately to any issue or change that occurs during operation. 5400 is robust and durable, and is designed for long use and reliable performance. All components are carefully selected for their high quality and excellent performance characteristics. The pump also features corrosion-resistant casing and gas ballast valves for improved process performance. Overall, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER 5400 is an excellent choice for a variety of specialized applications. It is an efficient and reliable pump that offers high-performance and precise control over pressure levels when operated properly. With its compact design and adjustable speed system, the pump is ideal for any demanding industrial environment where reliability and fast response times are critical.
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