Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER A100L #161714 for sale

ID: 161714
ADIXENALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER A100L pump is a versatile vacuum and pressure device for use in a range of applications. This fully automated and closed loop controller pump integrates advanced technologies and functions to optimize and keep the process stable and reliable. ADIXEN A100L contains a wide variety of features, including a direct drive motor, an advanced seal design, and programmable control. The direct drive motor of ALCATEL A 100 L creates the vacuum, and is designed to be extremely quiet and efficient. This motor takes advantage of the reliability and efficiency of a brushless DC motor, and provides a wide range of operation ranging from high to low speed. This motor also has low electrical consumption, and is virtually maintenance free, allowing for increased performance for longer periods of time. PFEIFFER A 100 L also has an advanced seals design, which includes both bellows and face seals. The bellows seals consist of two stainless steel bellows with an O-ring between them that separates the pump chamber from the environment. This design prevents any backflow, controls the sealing of the pump, and eliminates leakage. The face seals are designed to allow for smooth surfaces on both the inner and outer rings, resulting in a low friction seal and a greater pumping speed. ALCATEL A100L is also designed to be adapted to a wide range of applications. The controller can be programmed to allow for an automated start up and shut down, while also providing pressure contour and valve control flexibility. This system is capable of pre- and post-programmed functions, allowing for quick and easy setup. Additionally, PFEIFFER A100L is equipped with a constant rotation speed feature, allowing for a wide range of pressures to be achieved without any turbulence or fluctuations. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER A 100 L is a dependable, long lasting, and highly efficient pump for any application. This durable pump is designed to maximize the performance and insure the precision of the process. A 100 L is a reliable pump that provides a consistent and stable pressure and vacuum setting to guarantee maximum efficiency and optimum conditions for the application. With its dependable design, advanced technology, and comprehensive automation functions, ADIXEN A 100 L is perfect for any application requiring reliable and efficient vacuum and pressure control.
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