Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 122H #182428 for sale

ID: 182428
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 122H is a dry, lubricant-free turbopump designed for a variety of industrial, scientific and military applications. This pump has a maximum pumping speed of up to 91.44 l/s at inlet pressures of up to 10 torr. It is lightweight yet robust, with a mass of only 22.2kg and only 6.6kg without motor and vibration isolators. ADIXEN ADP 122H has a unique magnetic radial-axial bearing arrangement which provides excellent stability and long maintenance intervals. This pump features an proprietary, highly-efficient DC motor with an integrated EMC filter and a rotational speed of 14,000rpm. It has an integrated, user-adjustable speed controller which allows precise speed control and precise speed/suction control. The pump is highly economical to run, as it features double-stage cooling of the entire rotor assembly, enabling extended pumping intervals and cooler operation. In addition, a built-in profibus communication interface provides direct connection with the external system for real-time monitoring and feedback. ALCATEL ADP 122H is designed with a vibration limiting arrangement which assures a very low vibration level of less than 40mm/s RMS, even when operating at maximum speed and inlet pressure. It has an integrated oil mist separator which ensures clean exhaust and has an integrated safety valve that actively monitors the internal pressure and predetermined values can be set. The pump is provided with a complete set of mounting accessories which makes installation and operation easier. This pump is designed to be reliable and easy to maintain. It is designed with few moving parts which reduces downtime due to maintenance and easy spare part replacement. The pump also features a laser-welded stainless steel housing for optimal durability and corrosion resistance. The pump is also RoHS compliant, making it suitable for a wide variety of environmental applications. In conclusion, ADP 122H is an attractive option for those requiring a reliable, efficient and cost-effective dry, lubricant-free turbopump. With its efficient motor, integrated EMC filter, speed control, and vibration limiting arrangement, it is capable of withstanding tough industrial, scientific, and military applications. Additionally, its simple maintenance and few moving parts make it easy to use and maintain.
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