Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 122LM #9065162 for sale

ID: 9065162
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 122LM is a two-stage, oil-sealed, floating piston pump ideal for medium and high vacuum applications in scientific and industrial processes. The pump comes with a standard 50-m3/h compression ratio allowing it to operate efficiently with minimal flash losses. It uses direct-coupled drive motor with advanced ceramic bearings, providing low vibration and low noise operation. Its fast and smooth start-up sequence ensures quick reach of optimal vacuum state and minimal maintenance. ADIXEN ADP 122LM offers great performance through its two-stage design. Its proprietary vacuum displacement technology allows a continuous evacuation down to 6.5mbar. This is particularly useful for applications that require highly repeatable, stable and reliable vacuum. The first stage uses a combination of advanced sealing technology and pumping speed modulation. In the second stage, the main pumping mechanism is a floating-piston type pump, also referred to as a rotary vane. The key components of ALCATEL ADP 122LM pump are its oil cavity and oil-filtration system. The oil cavity has a double-cone shape, allowing for efficient separation of the pumped medium from the oil. It also improves performance by reducing torque. The oil-filtration system is designed to reduce pump oil contamination for higher pumping speeds and prolonged operation. PFEIFFER ADP 122LM also offers a range of accessories and customizable solutions. It can be equipped with a digital interface and intelligent programming modules, allowing for precise control and monitoring of system performance. It also has a number of inlet and exhaust ports, allowing for flexible and versatile installation. The pump is safety certified and designed for operation under rough environments. It is robust and reliable, and ensures long life and high performance. It is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements to provide complete reliability and satisfaction.
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