Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 81 #132139 for sale

ID: 132139
Pump Pumping speed: 55 CFM/m3h.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 81 is a high performance, robust, and reliable mechanical pump designed for a variety of industrial applications. It has a flow rate of up to 81 m³/h and is suitable for pressure up to 0.6 mbar. ADIXEN ADP 81 is a two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump that incorporates an oil-seal system with replaceable casing, making it easy to maintain and reduce wear and tear. Its simple design means that it is easy to operate, and its modular design allows for quick and easy installation. ALCATEL ADP 81 is equipped with a calibrated mechanical gauge, a built-in pressure gage, and a programmable controller with a reduced level of power consumption. In addition, the smart logic control gives the end user more control over the operating environment and enables more reliable performance and maximum energy efficiency. ADP 81 also has a wide range of performance options available with a wide selection of accessories, from gas ballast valves, to two-stage pumps, to cascaded pumps. This makes it an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial applications. Furthermore, PFEIFFER ADP 81 is outfitted with a durable, oil-resistant coated steel housing, making it dust-proof and oil-resistant for smoother operations in harsh conditions. It is equipped with low-vibration flanges and mounts, allowing for a quiet operation. In order to ensure optimum performance and minimum downtime, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 81 is equipped with a fail-safe level temperature protection, as well as a filter-screening device. ADIXEN ADP 81 is also extremely energy-efficient, reducing working costs and increasing efficiency. The highly efficient design reduces power input while still providing the best ultimate vacuum, enabling it to operate at the highest possible levels without sacrificing efficiency. Overall, ALCATEL ADP 81 is a powerful, efficient, durable mechanical pump, designed to meet the needs of many different industrial applications. With its various performance options, simple design, and energy-efficient functioning, it is an ideal choice for many industries.
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