Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 81 #9086330 for sale

ID: 9086330
Pump Previously used to pump ammonia.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADP 81 is a vacuum pump designed for a wide range of applications in industrial, medical, and scientific research sectors. It is a rotary vane pump with direct drive that offers reliable and efficient operation. This pump features a beltless drive system, with motor output powers that range from 440 W to 570 W, and pump speeds of up to 2800 rpm. This versatile pump is capable of pumping a variety of gases and vapours, and is capable of providing up to 0.65 mbar ultimate pressure. The pump's housing is made of anodized aluminum alloy and it features a cooling fan, which contributes to increased efficiency. The motor has a die-cast aluminum ventilation hood, a brushless design, protection class IP55, and a frequency converter. The frequency converter ensures a stable pumping speed and offers various options for controlling and automatic ramping up/down the motor's power output. ADIXEN ADP 81 also features a large anti-condensation heating element which reduces the risk of condensation on the compression chamber walls. A safety valve protects the pump from excessive pressure and temperature. Additionally, an instrumentation panel is integrated in the pump, with a digital display for pressure readings and a power on/off button. In order to keep the oil in the pump well-maintained, ALCATEL ADP 81 features an oil drain from the bottom of the chamber as well. Additionally, it has a large oil reservoir with a tank-in-tank design, which helps ensure a continuous supply of oil during operation. Overall, ADP 81 vacuum pump is an efficient, reliable, and versatile pump designed for both industrial and research applications. It features a beltless drive system, frequency converter control, and a large anti-condensation heating element to reduce the risk of condensation on the walls of the compression chamber. Additionally, this pump has a large tank-in-tank designed oil reservoir for continuous oil supply during operation, as well as an instrumentation panel for pressure readings.
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