Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 1202P #147985 for sale

ID: 147985
Dry pumps.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 1202P is an easy-to-use semi-automatic dry pump. It is a single-head rotary vane pump with a compact and robust design, making it perfect for laboratory applications and other applications involving tight spaces. This pump is suitable for pumping air and other dry gases. The pump operates at speeds up to 1180rpm, with a maximum compression ratio of 1:4. It offers a continuous operation even with large fluctuations in ultimate pressure and speed. The valve design is self-adjusting and provides a balanced, non-pulsating vacuum. The design of ADIXEN ADS 1202P allows easy maintenance of the rotor and bearing assembly; a simple check and adjustment is all that is required to ensure optimum performance. A dust filter can also be attached to the pump on the inlet side to prevent dirt and dust entering the pumping chamber and impacting performance. This pump is designed with a manual oil fill to ensure correct lubrication of the pump. An oil sight-glass is also available for checking oil levels. ALCATEL ADS 1202P also features an external oil return for draining the used lubricant. The integrated safety valve prevents the pump from overpressurizing due to a blocked inlet. The special valve design also ensures condensable vapor is collected in the valve. A special oil mist separator prevents oil from vaporizing and misting into the chamber, aiding user safety and protecting the pump from operating in contaminated environments. This pump is made from robust cast iron and stainless steel components to ensure maximum durability and reliability for use in almost any application. The comprehensive range of accessories allows the pump to be customized for a wide range of applications. Overall, PFEIFFER ADS 1202P is a reliable and adaptable dry pump which offers safe and effective operation in a compact design. It is ideal for applications requiring a vacuum or low working pressure, making it suitable for laboratory uses, industrial processes and other pumping needs.
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