Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 501 #161712 for sale

ID: 161712
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ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 501 is a high-performance rotary pump designed for industrial applications. The multistage pump provides reliable, clean, and quiet operation and is suitable for use with a variety of materials, including solvents and aggressive gases. The unit is capable of pumping air and other gases at high vacuum levels of up to 1x10-2 mbar. ADIXEN ADS 501 is a compact and lightweight compact pump, weighing just 31 pounds. This allows for easy installation and maintenance. Additionally, the design is capable of withstanding environmental pressures up to 435 psi. The pump has a rugged and reliable body made from stainless steel and aluminum, ensuring high performance and excellent corrosion resistance. The inlet and exhaust valves are also made from stainless steel, providing further reliability and leak prevention. The unit is also equipped with a hydraulic seal, providing long-term sealing capabilities. The pump operates at high speeds up to 13,000 rpm and delivers a flow rate of up to 63cfm. The integrated motor provides power and supports the particle-free operation of ALCATEL ADS 501. The motor is powered by a 230V power supply. The easy-to-control ADS 501 features a simple but powerful control panel with a built-in digital readout. The LCD display allows the user to easily monitor operation and adjust settings. Additionally, the pump is equipped with multiple safety features, such as overpressure and overspeed protection, as well as a thermal switch and an overload protection. PFEIFFER ADS 501 is an efficient, durable, and reliable pump that can operate in a variety of applications. The integrated power and control options ensure consistent performance and reliability, making it a strong option for industrial users.
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