Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 501 #9068044 for sale

ID: 9068044
Dry pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 501 is an ultra-high vacuum pump designed for both industrial and research applications. This advanced turbo molecular pump features a pumping speed of up to 6000 liters/second, making it one of the most efficient pumping systems available for processes requiring an ultra-high vacuum. The pump itself consists of an external rotating part which houses two permanent magnets in a set of shields. This device is connected to the pump base via a ceramic flange and a hermetic seal, allowing for minimal air and other gas leaks. The rotating part contains a turbine which is responsible for compressing gaseous by-products. This compressor is driven by a high-performance motor, enabling the pump to operate at high speeds with little vibration.It also utilizes a set of operational controls to help operators monitor and adjust vacuum levels effectively. The transit frequency of the pump is adjustable across a range of 4300-6000 Hz, allowing for a maximum speed of 6000 liters/second. This device also features a gas ballast system that helps reduce contamination by allowing for intentional gas leakage. This enabled users to better control the parameters of their processes without constant fear of contamination. ADIXEN ADS 501 is capable of operating in vacuum pressures ranging from 1 x 10-2 mbar to better than 1 x 10 -6 mbar. This pump is manufactured to resists oxidizing agents, corrosive gases, and chemical agents, making it suitable for a wide range of processes. It can also perform maintenance-free operation for up to 18 months, providing users with a good return on their investment. ALCATEL ADS 501 is an excellent choice for those requiring a reliable, efficient and powerful pumping system for their processes. Its fast response times, low contamination risk and resilience to a variety of agents make it the ideal choice for research laboratories and industrial applications that require ultra-high vacuum levels.
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