Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 602H #9080892 for sale

ID: 9080892
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 602H is a portable rough pump designed for various laboratory and industrial vacuum applications. Its patented design helps to achieve higher pumping speed levels while providing a robust performance.This pump is designed using high quality aluminum and stainless steel components for increased durability and reliable operation. ADIXEN ADS602H is designed to be integrated with any existing pumping system to provide constant efficient vacuum levels. The interior of the pump consists of two stainless steel rotors, which are attached directly to the body with an O-ring seal. The rotors are made with high precision that ensures a smooth airflow and minimal air leaks during pumping. ALCATEL ADS 602 H offers a large pumping speed range, comprising of 100 milliliters per minute up to 1200 milliliters per minute. This wide range enables the pump to cater to various applications, ranging from small laboratory experiments to industrial-scale vacuuming needs. To ensure safe and reliable performance, ADIXEN ADS 602 H incorporates a self- monitoring system. It continuously monitors its parameters, which include temperature, power supply, inlet pressure range, and vacuum pressure, to ensure optimal operation. Furthermore, the integrated safety circuits protect the pump from potential damage. ADS 602 H is designed to offer quiet operation and low vibration levels. It makes use of vibration-proof bearings which are integrated in the pump to reduce sound and vibration while operating. This enables PFEIFFER ADS 602 H to be used in noise sensitive environments. ADIXEN ADS 602H also features a modular design, which gives users the possibility to easily adapt and upgrade the pump according to their individual needs. This is done by simply attaching additional modules to extend the functionality of the pump. In addition, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS602H also features an adjustable inlet valve, which allows users to alter the intake pressure to manipulate and adjust its performance when needed. This is very useful when dealing with different applications and varying levels of vacuum. Moreover, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ADS 602 H is designed with an air-cooled cooling system to maintain its temperature during operation. This allows the pump to achieve better efficiency and prevent it from overheating while in-use. All these features make ADS 602H an ideal choice for various laboratory and industrial uses. This efficient, rugged and reliable pump offers higher pumping speeds and adjustable inlet pressures to guarantee consistent and accurate performance. It is a must-have in any laboratory or industrial setup.
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