Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATH 1600M #9083468 for sale

ID: 9083468
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ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATH 1600M is a high performance, rotary vane pump designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of an industrial environment. This oil-sealed vacuum pump is designed to provide high pumping speeds, with excellent pumping performance, throughout its operating range. ADIXEN ATH 1600M is a noticeably robust and reliable vacuum pump that is also extremely quiet and designed to last. The key components of ALCATEL ATH 1600M include its oil-sealed double-head combination rotary vane and a single-head rotary vane that are designed to provide excellent pumping performance with high speed at any pressure range. This combination provides superior performance when pumping large volumes of atmospheric gas. The dual-stagemechanism helps reduce noise and vibration while providing excellent volumetric efficiencies. The powerful motor and high-efficiency cooling system ensures that the pump operates reliably and with minimum wear. ATH 1600M also features an ergonomically designed, easy to use control panel that allows users to easily monitor and adjust the vacuum pressure and speed. With a convenient display, users can also access additional data such as operational hours and total hours of operation. PFEIFFER ATH 1600M also includes a quick and easy maintenance function to help keep the pump functioning at an optimal level. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATH 1600M provides outstanding performance in demanding industrial environments. With a powerful motor and reliable, durable design, this pump can handle a wide variety of applications. It is also incredibly efficient, and with regular maintenance and costly replacements, this cost-effective model can last for many years. For safety, ADIXEN ATH 1600M is equipped with several safety features such as a safety valve, a protective casing, and a thermal cut-out switch. Also included are several accessories, such as an oversized suction hose, a noise filter, and a rear-mounting flange kit, which allow users to customize the pump to meet their specific needs. Overall, ALCATEL ATH 1600M is a reliable, durable, and cost-effective industrial vacuum pump designed to provide superior performance at an economical price. It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of an industrial environment, making it an ideal choice for high-pressure applications.
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