Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATH 400 #179437 for sale

ID: 179437
Turbo pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATH 400 is a high-pressure, oil-sealed and dry-rotation vacuum pump. It is a two-stage, direct-drive rotary vane, with a single-stage oil pump for lubrication. This pump is designed for industrial applications that require continuous and reliable operation of high vacuum levels. It is a reliable, low maintenance, and highly efficient pump that is suitable for a range of demanding processes. ADIXEN ATH 400 features a hermetically sealed and robust suction chamber that is designed to ensure optimal operation and a safe working environment. This pump offers a variety of operational settings such as protective cut-off, soft start, and extended life-time settings. It is equipped with an oil check valve and fan guard to ensure a long service life and prevent contamination. This vacuum pump's high-pressure output ensures that it can maintain a precise vacuum level with minimal power consumption. It has a high-performance lubrication system that utilizes both gas-flushing and oil regeneration systems to ensure efficient and lasting operation. Additionally, ALCATEL ATH 400 has an advanced oil-mist evacuation system that effectively removes oil vapors for cleaner operations. The pump is also equipped with a soundproofing layer to reduce the operational noise of the motor. PFEIFFER ATH 400 is available in standard and optional configurations. It is a compact, lightweight and robust unit that can be easily situated in a variety of settings. It is designed for continuous and reliable operation, with a low incidence of breakdowns. ATH 400 offers a safe, reliable, and energy efficient operation for a variety of processes. It is a versatile and dependable design that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. This pump is designed to meet the demanding requirements of both single-stage and multi-stage pumping systems.
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