Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATP 150 #179441 for sale

ID: 179441
Turbo pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATP 150 pump is a high-tech vacuum pump designed to provide reliable and efficient performance for evacuating industrial processes and laboratories. This versatile device is capable of generating a wide range of vacuum levels, from high-vacuum to ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) conditions. It features a number of important features which make it an ideal choice for a range of applications, including laboratory and industrial processes. ADIXEN ATP 150 incorporates the latest in vacuum pump technology, such as its advanced cooling system, which helps to maintain reliable operation in high-temperature environments. This system works by efficiently circulating cooled oil around the pump which helps to distribute heat evenly and also helps to reduce wear on the internal components. The pump also comes equipped with a 'Dry Run' feature, making it possible to evacuate process systems up to operating pressure without using any additional liquid. ALCATEL ATP 150 features an efficient four-stage rotary vanes design, with an anti-suck back function which ensures that the vacuum does not exceed the maximum rated pressure. This feature ensures an even, constant vacuum level for improved process reliability. The four-stage rotary vanes also help to reduce noise levels, making this pump suitable for use in noise sensitive environments. For areas where space is at a premium, ATP 150 also features an integrated, compact control unit for monitoring and managing the devices operations. This enables simple, straightforward operation with minimal effort and minimal maintenance requirements. PFEIFFER ATP 150 is an incredibly efficient and reliable vacuum pump and a great choice for laboratory and industrial applications. Its robust build and advanced features provide an excellent level of performance and reliability, ideal for a range of applications. It also comes at an affordable price, making it a great value choice for labs and businesses.
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