Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATP 400TH #9083467 for sale

ID: 9083467
Turbo pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER ATP 400TH is a rotary pump designed for ultimate performance. It is a turbo-molecular pump capable of reliably pumping volatile gases and liquids and is used for applications such as vacuum baking, degassing, evacuation, gas analysis, and pumping of light gases. ADIXEN ATP 400TH features an integrated active bearing equipment with a radial magnetic bearing protecting the process from contaminants and ensuring a long maintenance-free life. It also features a two-stage radial pumping speed that delivers high pumping speeds with low noise and power consumption. The speed can be adjusted to achieve the desired pressure range at low cost. ALCATEL ATP 400TH has an advanced vacuum control system with PID control for precise vacuum manipulation. This unit makes the pump highly efficient, requiring fewer steps and saving time. PFEIFFER ATP 400TH is designed for safe and reliable operation with a range of safety features. These include an overload protection machine that shuts down the pump in the event of an over pressure, over temperature, or over voltage. Additionally, the pump has a powerful cooling tool designed to keep the pump running at a safe temperature for long periods of time. The pump also offers ease of use and low maintenance requirements thanks to its modular design. It can be adjusted, serviced, and replaced without the need for specialized tools. The motor is designed to be environmentally friendly and is RoHS compliance and meets EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations. The entire pump is designed for durability and reliability. It is equipped with overheating protection that reduces the risk of damage and ensures a long life-span. The pump is backed by a comprehensive service program enabling customers to extend the life of their pumps and reduce their total cost of ownership. Overall, ATP 400TH is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Its impressive features make it reliable, efficient, and safe to use and its modular design ensures its accessibility and long term performance.
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