Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER M1852 #9071402 for sale

ID: 9071402
Wafer Size: 6"
Diffusion pump, 6" Includes Cryo trap and butterfly valve.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER M1852 is a high-performance rotary vane mechanical pump that utilizes a patented harmonic drive configuration to deliver precise vacuum levels free of oil contamination. With a nominal pumping speed of 1150 liters/minute (L/min), ADIXEN M1852 is ideal for a wide range of vacuum applications, including laboratory processes, analytical instrumentation, and degassing. ALCATEL M1852 features a robust and durable design for reliable operation over extended periods of time. It features an oil-lubricated, two-stage construction, which includes a three-lobe, precision-ground steel rotor and a unique compressor head plate configuration. The design of PFEIFFER M1852 produces exceptionally low vibration levels, ensuring consistent performance and minimal disruption to the environment. The pump is equipped with a modular baffle system for easy maintenance and access to the critical components that require service. Additionally, M1852 offers an integrated vibration absorber that runs without the need for external power, thus reducing noise levels and energy consumption. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER M1852 provides superior performance in terms of pumping speed and ultimate ultimate pressure. It can reach an ultimate pressure of 2x10-2 mbar, and has been tested to reach a maximum speed of 1600 L/sec. The pumping speed is easy to control via the integrated three-speed setting, making it ideal for applications that require rapid and accurate pressure control. To ensure the longevity of ADIXEN M1852 and to guarantee its performance over a long service life, ADIXEN recommends regular maintenance intervals and the use of their specifically designed accessories. This includes the use of an oil-change kit, a filter kit, and an inlet or outlet noise filters. In conclusion, ALCATEL M1852 is an ideal choice for laboratories, analytical instrumentation and degassing applications. It is designed for a high level of performance with very low vibration levels and energy consumption. It offers superior pumping speed and ultimate ultimate pressure, and is easy to maintain with the help of ALCATEL designed accessories.
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