Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER M2008A #9071390 for sale

ID: 9071390
Vacuum Pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER M2008A is an oil-sealed rotary vane mechanical pump designed for high-end industrial applications. This device is capable of pump speeds up to 1400 rpm with a maximum pressure of 10 mbar and a pumping capacity of 8 m3/h. This makes the device suitable for a wide variety of industrial processes including vacuum deposition, semiconductor production, analytical vacuum systems, and vacuum distillation. ADIXEN M2008A is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures reliable operation and a low noise level. It features a robust construction and triple mechanical seals for additional protection. It also comes with a hermetically sealed bearing chamber and is designed for both normal and heavy-duty vacuum applications. In terms of safety, ALCATEL M2008A is UL-listed and CE-marked and features a built-in automatic thermal cut-out system that shuts down the device should current and temperatures rise too high. The device is also equipped with a pressure relief valve to protect the pump from over-pressurization. M2008A is constructed from durable materials that resist to wear and tear, and is completely oil-free, eliminating the need for periodic service. In terms of convenience, PFEIFFER M2008A is designed for easy access and easy maintenance. It features an intuitive digital control panel with a large display that makes it easy to monitor the pump speed, pressure, and temperature. The device also comes with a mounted timer, allowing users to set specific times for operation and shut down. Overall, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER M2008A is a powerful and reliable oil-sealed rotary vane mechanical pump that is suitable for a variety of industrial processes. It is equipped with safety features and easy access and maintenance, making it a great choice for any industrial setup.
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