Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER PTM 5081 #179428 for sale

ID: 179428
Turbo pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER PTM 5081 is a powerful and reliable turbomolecular pump with an integrated drive. It utilizes an oil-sealed backing stage, allowing it to achieve a maximum pumping speed of 20 liters/second. It is equipped with an adjustable flange distance between 40mm and 70mm, making it compatible with various applications. Additionally, it has a direct connection to a cooling fan, allowing it to remain in constant operation without the need for external cooling. ADIXEN PTM 5081 has a 110V/230V AC motor, creating a 16-bit resolution for speed control. Additionally, its integrated drive allows an electronic acceleration and deceleration ramp to be set, ensuring optimum performance. The pump also has an integrated E-24 monitoring equipment that is provided with an RS232/RS485/Ethernet connection, giving users access to control and monitoring. This system can also be utilized for data logging, allowing users easy access to performance data. Additionally, it offers advanced floating operation and programmable shutdown, allowing users to set the desired pressure levels and time frames. ALCATEL PTM 5081 also provides a noise dampening unit, which greatly reduces operating levels, making it suitable for laboratory environment. It also features an auto-magnificatin machine, meaning that automatic blower pump start and stop sequences can be implemented to achieve a desired flow rate. PTM 5081 also comes with a mechanical isolation facility, allowing the magnet housing and active pump chamber to remain in close proximity without any direct contact. This facilitates thermal isolation of the two components, ensuring heat generated by the stationary motor does not transfer to the active pump chamber. PFEIFFER PTM 5081 is designed for continuous operation and long service lifetime. It is at the same time lightweight (7 kg) and robust, with a strong body designed to administer high temperatures, vibration and impacts. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications, from scientific laboratories to process control applications. It is designed to ensure maximum efficiency and performance, offering fast pumping speed and precise control.
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