Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 1000 #9068047 for sale

ID: 9068047
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 1000 is a high-performance rotary vane vacuum pump, which is designed for process applications. It features a single-stage design with a rotor that is driven by an external motor. The pump has a maximum pumping speed of 1000 liters per second (lps), and its ultimate vacuum pressure is 0.7 mbar (7e-3 mbarA). This makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring high pumping speeds and low ultimate vacuum pressures. ADIXEN RSV 1000 features stainless steel components, and a double vane design, which helps to reduce vibration and increases its reliability. It also has a high-efficiency air-ballast system, which helps to maintain a stable vacuum profile. The pump is also equipped with two safety valves for shut-off applications, and one motor operated valve for maintenance or alarms. ALCATEL RSV 1000 is also extremely easy to operate and maintain. It has an LCD display, as well as an easily accessible digital switch panel on the side of the pump. This allows for easy adjustment of the variable speed and other settings. The inlet and exhaust ports have been designed for convenient access, making it easy to connect and disconnect tubing, hoses, or other peripherals. RSV 1000 also uses an oil filtration system to ensure that the oil does not become contaminated with the pumping process. The oil level can be checked via a sight gauge, while the oil is also heated by a thermostatically controlled electric heater, which helps to maintain the optimal temperature. PFEIFFER RSV 1000 is an excellent pump for applications requiring high accuracy, high performance, and low ultimate vacuum pressures. With its robust design, simple operation, and affordability, this pump is a great choice for any organization looking to make their operations more efficient.
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