Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 1002 #137672 for sale

ID: 137672
Booster pump.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 1002 is a vacuum diffusion pump that is used in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. This type of pump is often used to produce high vacuum levels, which are necessary in many processes in order to facilitate reactions or analytical work. ADIXEN RSV 1002 is a single-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane diffusion pump. It is designed for continuous operation in medium to high-vacuum applications. At its maximum operating pressure (25 mbar), the pumping speed of the pump is 17 m³/h. It features a compact design with smooth, low-noise operation and minimal residual oil carryover. The pump can be used in combination with a variety of solutions, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. It can be coupled with a vacuum gauge for monitoring, as well as various flanges, valves and adaptors for a secure connection. An optional pump controller, available from the manufacturer, can also be installed to achieve sophisticated, automated pump control. ALCATEL RSV 1002 is relatively easy to install and operate. It requires a three-phase, 230VAC electrical supply and uses a compact, monoblock construction style with integrated cooling fins. The standard materials of construction of the pump include stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze. An oil circulation unit and lubricating oil are necessary in order to keep the pump in operation. PFEIFFER RSV 1002 comes with a range of optional accessories, such as a turbo-molecular booster pump, ion getter systems, flange adaptors and mechanical blanking plugs. The manufacturer offers training programs and certified maintenance solutions, to ensure that the pump is well-maintained, and can operate for an extended period of time. In the event of failure, contact the company for professional repair and maintenance service.
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