Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 151 #123117 for sale

ID: 123117
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 151 is a rotary vane pump designed for industrial and laboratory applications requiring high performance vacuum. ADIXEN RSV 151 features a completely oil-sealed system which ensures reliable and efficient performance. It is a single-stage vacuum pump which operates using two counter-rotating vane centrifugal forces to withdraw air and other gases from the vacuum chamber. This creates a partial vacuum which can be used to complete a variety of laboratory and industrial processes. ALCATEL RSV 151 is equipped with a single-phase, direct drive motor, which provides a maximum vacuum pressure of 13 mbar. It is also capable of pumping speeds up to 270 m3/h for ideal performance. Its robust design and metal construction results in a long service life, and its adjustable and detachable inlet filter traps particles which would otherwise damage the pump. Emptying of the condensate is simple and straight forward, and the pump can be used continuously and with a low noise level thanks to its noise protection cover. PFEIFFER RSV 151 is designed to be easy to operate and maintain. Its compact design makes it easy to install into any industrial setting, and its long-lasting oil container features an in-situ oil leakage detection system which detects any weaknesses or problems in the system and notifies the operator. This helps to ensure that the pump is running correctly with minimal disruption. RSV 151 is a safe and reliable way to create a vacuum in any laboratory or industrial environment. Its advanced features mean that it is suitable for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and performance. With its compact design, long-service life and innovative features, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 151 is a valuable addition to any laboratory or industrial process.
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