Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 600 #123112 for sale

ID: 123112
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 600 is a high-performance vacuum pump designed for industrial and scientific applications. It is equipped with advanced features that enable it to operate quietly and efficiently under a wide range of conditions. ADIXEN RSV 600 is designed for applications such as evaporators, thin film coating, extra-high vacuum applications, vacuum baking, vacuum freeze drying, vacuum distillation, freeze concentrating, and many more. ALCATEL RSV 600 features a robust design with a large pumping speed of 1000 m3/h (59 cu ft/min), allowing it to support various industrial and scientific processes. It also has an adjustable speed setting to adapt to a wide range of needs. The pump has an auto reverse feature that helps minimize vapor and dust buildup, thus ensuring a cleaner operation and extending the life of the pump. RSV 600 is constructed from strong and durable materials to offer greater stability and longer-term operation. It features a 3-sided cooling system which helps keep the pump cool by removing heated air from the pumping chamber, allowing the unit to work at consistent temperatures. PFEIFFER RSV 600 employs a mechanical oil circulation system for unmatched temperature control during operation. It utilizes an integrated oil mist filter and oil filter separator to reduce the number of particles that could potentially pollute the vacuum pump unit. This advanced technology ensures that the unit operates efficiently and consistently for extended periods of time. ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 600 utilizes a unique dual-stage mechanical backing pump that enables high pumping speeds without a decrease in suction power. The unit offers a reliable digital display with diagnostics and error display for improved performance and longevity. In addition, an easy access filter element in the pump housing allows for quick and easy decontamination. All in all, ADIXEN RSV 600 is a reliable, powerful, and highly efficient vacuum pump for industrial and scientific applications. It features advanced technologies that ensure efficient operation and long-term performance, making it an ideal choice for many lab and industrial projects.
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