Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 600B/2063 #9081083 for sale

ID: 9081083
Blower 400 CFM with roll around frame and controls.
The RSV 600B/2063 from ADIXEN is a rotary vane vacuum pump intended for use in general industrial applications. It has two separate and independent leak-tight radial seal chambers that provide high volumetric efficiency and accuracy. It features a wide variety of operating characteristics, including a flow rate of 11 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) for atmosphere pressures of up to 0.5 mbar, and a maximum pressure of 800 mbar. The RSV 600B/2063 also has a built-in piston-suction motor and air cooling system, as well as an automatic lubrication system. The RSV 600B/2063 has the capability to operate continuously at a temperature of up to 70°C. It has a low-power consumption and low-noise operation, with a noise level of only 74 dB (A), which contributes to user comfort and safety. The RSV 600B/2063 also has a high-quality and robust construction that allows for long service life in harsh operational environments. It also supports the connection of one or two suction cups for the connection of other parts, as well as an integrated suction cup with a radial seal. The RSV 600B/2063 has an integrated differential pressure-independent equipment package, which allows for direct operation in differential pressure systems without a separate differential pressure regulator. It is also equipped with intelligent monitoring systems, which give the user up-to-date information on the pump's current performance. In addition, the RSV 600B/2063 can be equipped with various options and accessories, including a built-in suction trap, temperature sensors, an electronic level indicator, and an optional dust filter. This pump is highly regarded for its reliability, long service life, and low maintenance requirements. It is ideal for general industrial applications, such as the production of medical equipment, vacuum distillation, metal-vacuum melting furnaces, and mass spectrometers, among others. Furthermore, the RSV 600B/2063 is also useful in other application areas, such as oil refining, paper production, and food processing.
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