Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 601RW #9068046 for sale

ID: 9068046
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER RSV 601RW is a rotary vane mechanical pump designed for applications requiring high vacuum pressures. It is ideal for use in industrial, laboratory, and research environments. The pump features a simple, compact design that is easy to install and maintain. With its adjustable speed control, it is possible to adjust the pump speed to match the needs of the application. The pump is also engineered with an advanced cooling system that helps to keep the motor and internal components running at optimum temperatures. ADIXEN RSV 601RW provides a maximum vacuum pressure of 0.1 mbar and a pumping speed of 10 cubic liters per minute (LPM). It features a built-in oil mist separator that increases efficiency and prevents the formation of a vacuum oil mist. Additionally, it comes equipped with a stainless steel exhaust valve to reduce noise levels and exhaust emissions. ALCATEL RSV 601RW also offers a variable speed motor with a frequency range from 100 Hz to 1000 Hz. This pump is designed to be easily integrated into systems to provide a reliable vacuum source. The pump is protected against overheating with an advanced temperature control system, and all the internal components are sealed so that only clean parts are exposed to the process gases. For further protection, the pump is designed for compatibility with compressed air or nitrogen (N2) sources. Additionally, the pump includes a grounding pin to help prevent electrical shock and protect against ESD risks. RSV 601RW is well-equipped for use in a range of industrial applications, and it requires minimal maintenance. This unit comes with a two-year warranty and is CE certified for operation in Europe. With its simple yet reliable design, it is an ideal solution for those looking for a reliable, cost-effective vacuum pump.
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