Used ALL-FLO BK-5 #124265 for sale

ID: 124265
Air operated diaphragm pump Wet material: Polypropylene Inlet: 0.75" Outlet: 0.75" Input: 70 psi.
ALL-FLO BK-5 is a centrifugal, self-priming industrial pump designed for heavy-duty applications. BK-5 is capable of producing a maximum flow of up to 708 GPM, and is rated for up to 125 PSI maximum discharge head. The pump is constructed from Stainless Steel and is suitable for pumping many solutions including potable water, brine, food grade, and other heavy-duty industrial pumping needs. ALL-FLO BK-5 also uses a patented, oil-filled gear reduction drive, which is designed to minimize friction, extend service life and ensure reliable and efficient operation of the pump. The pump casing is designed with a double row of baffle plates that reduce axial thrust on the impeller and allow BK-5 to operate with both backward and forward lowering. Following the impeller is a volute, which is designed to ensure maximum water output. ALL-FLO BK-5 also features a flexible coupled shaft, which is adjustable to allow for easy service without the need to replace the unit. The shaft is also designed to keep the impeller in proper alignment with the volute. BK-5 is designed to be able to self-prime from up to 20 feet or suction lift, meaning no foot valve is needed, and is suitable for wet well installation. The pump is equipped with an adjustable Buna-N seal and an internal mechanical seal that protects against over-pressurization. The double volute serves as a second mechanical seal for additional protection against leaks. The pump also features an external, heavy-duty drain port, making maintenance and inspection easy to complete. For operation, ALL-FLO BK-5 requires a Class 75 motor, which is able to produce up to 3.5 horsepower. The pump is also available with a standard ABB industrial control panel, making it easy to monitor and adjust both operation and performance. The panel features a selection of digital displays, including flow rate, pressure, and temperature, as well as a 3-way pressure switch with manual override. Overall, BK-5 is an extremely reliable, high-performance pump that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. The pump is engineered with a unique design that ensures maximum flow and head pressure, while also maximizing service life and efficiency. ALL-FLO BK-5 is constructed to withstand high-pressure pumping conditions, and is equipped with a wealth of features, making it an ideal choice for mining and manufacturing applications.
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