Used AMERICAN PUMP Brawler #124268 for sale

ID: 124268
Air operated diaphragm pump Wet material: stainless steel Inlet: 1.75" Outlet: 1.75" Input: 125 psi.
AMERICAN PUMP Brawler is a powerful, heavy-duty pump specifically designed for tackling the toughest pumping applications. This dependable and reliable pump is equipped with a durable construction and a powerful hydraulic drive system for maximum performance. Built for tough jobs, Brawler is constructed from a corrosion-resistant cast aluminum alloy with a hardened steel alloy shaft and seals. The durable construction ensures that the pump will operate in a wide range of environments, from corrosive to saline, and high-temperature applications. AMERICAN PUMP Brawler is built with an advanced hydraulic system utilizing robust hydraulic components and a sophisticated metering system. The polyethylene bearing construction is designed to reduce friction and minimize wear, while the heavy-duty hydraulic motor efficiently powers the pump's impeller. The internal components are designed for superior performance in demanding applications and the integrated design features make Brawler extremely easy to maintain. AMERICAN PUMP Brawler features a self-lubricating bronze construction, allowing it to handle large flows of water at a wide range of temperatures. This ensures that the pump will always remain properly lubricated, reducing potential wear and extending its lifespan. Additionally, this pump is engineered with a nozzle discharge port, which increases the efficiency of the pump by reducing turbulence and preventing the clogging of filters. The pump is also integrated with an adjustable speed drive, allowing users to fine-tune the impeller speed for maximum performance in varying conditions. This feature provides an efficient and reliable performance over a wide range of flows and heads. As the pump is driven by a powerful three-phase motor, users can expect exceptional levels of power and torque. Brawler is an excellent choice for any tough pumping job, providing reliable and long-term performance with minimal maintenance requirements. This impressive pump offers users superior power and durability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of water pumping applications.
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