Used APD 3.5 #9059317 for sale

ID: 9059317
APD 3.5 is an advanced pump designed to provide a reliable high pressure solution for a wide variety of applications. This electric pump utilizes a powerful motor that can reach up to 3.5 horsepower, enabling it to produce ample pressure for both residential and commercial applications. Its innovative design features a patented high-flow, centrifugal impeller that utilizes a unique design to maximize performance and efficiency. This pump is built for durability, with a heavy-duty cast iron pump housing and a stainless steel motor to ensure a long lifespan. Its external thermal overload protection automatically senses when the motor has reached too high of a temperature and shuts off power to protect the unit from damage. Additionally, the built-in electronic control package provides adjustable start/stop performance and fault monitoring, making it a reliable and safe solution. For convenience, APD 3.5 includes a dry-run protection system which automatically stops the motor if there is an imbalance in liquid volume. Its dedicated relief valve can also relieve pressure to reduce the potential for over-pressurising the system. This pump further includes a NEMA-4X/IP-65 rated enclosure to keep it free from water and other liquids, and a durable handle to make it easy to move around. In terms of output, APD 3.5 can generate up to 10.5 GPM\ (gallons per minute) and pressures up to 60 PSI. It is suitable for a variety of mediums from potable water to hot water, and its sealed raw materials provide a robust solution for dirty water and abrasive materials. With its quiet operation, this pump proves to be a reliable and powerful choice for a wide range of applications.
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