Used APD APD8S #173169 for sale

ID: 173169
Cryopump system, warehoused.
APD APD8S is an electric pump designed to facilitate the transfer of liquid or gas from one point to another. It is a positive displacement pump and is highly reliable, efficient, and requires minimal maintenance. APD8S is capable of handling a wide range of applications and liquids. It is mainly used in oil and gas production, municipal water systems, and industrial process pumping systems. The pump has a 1-inch inlet and a 1-inch outlet and can transfer liquid up to 8,000 gallons per hour (GPH), with a maximum operating pressure of 1,600 PSI. Its robust construction and materials make it suitable for operation in harsh environments. APD APD8S features a three-phase motor and stainless steel crankshaft and crankcase, as well as a durable aluminum alloy housing. This combination of materials ensures that the pump will remain strong and resistant to corrosion for long periods of time. The stainless steel components also ensure efficient heat dissipation, to protect against overheating and wear. APD8S can be used in a variety of applications, including hot oil production, water distribution, and industrial process systems. Its semi-open impeller allows for excellent suction performance and high efficiency, while its low vibration operation makes it perfect for applications where quiet operation is required. The pump also has a manual thermal overload protection that ensures it automatically shuts down in the event of an overload. APD APD8S is a well-built, reliable, and easy to maintain pump, capable of transferring liquids up to 8,000 gallons per hour. Its construction and materials make it suitable for operation in many harsh environments and its semi-open impeller, low vibration, and manual overload protection make it perfect for applications where quiet and efficient operation are critical.
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