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HC-4 MK1
ID: 9059316
Cryo compressor.
APD HC-4 MK1 is a diaphragm operated and solenoid activated, positive displacement pump. It offers exceptional performance and durability in a compact 2-inch package. Constructed of high grade 303 stainless steel, the pump has a 1/4 inch port size and a standard stroke length of 1". It produces a maximum flow rate of 8 GPM and can generate a maximum pressure of 140 PSI. HC-4 MK1 is a rotary pump, which implies that it uses two lobed type rotors which rotate in opposition to each other in order to create suction and displacement. As the rotors turn, the inlet check valve opens to allow liquid in, and the outlet check valve then closes and prevents any of the liquid from exiting the pump. The outlet check valve then re-opens to allow the liquid to be pushed out. The pump operates on a spring-loaded diaphragm, which helps to pressurize the liquid and move it through the pipe. The diaphragm is also tensioned and corrosion resistive, resulting in long-lasting durability. APD HC-4 MK1 is self-priming and doesn't require water to be connected in order to begin the priming process. It is ideal for transferring viscous liquids and low flow small volume activities where a low voltage solenoid actuated diaphragm pump is required. The pump also features a built-in pressure relief valve which prevents overheating, and it is designed to reduce the possibility of cavitation. In addition to being easy to install and service, HC-4 MK1 can be used for both wet and dry applications. This includes a range of uses such as transferring chemicals, wastewater, or fuel, as well as filtration, oil packaging, and coating applications. Its great suction lift capacity also makes it useful for applications where lines have to reach down to various depths, and the small size makes it easier to fit into small spaces. Overall, APD HC-4 MK1 offers users reliable performance, durability, and versatility for a range of applications. It is ideal for low flow, low pressure applications and is designed to last in harsh working environments.
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