Used APD HC4 MK2 #127438 for sale

ID: 127438
Cryo pump and compressor P/N: 260341E18G.
APD HC4 MK2 is a powerful and reliable hydraulic pump designed for high-pressure applications. The pump has been specifically designed for use in fluid and gas systems which require consistent pressure and volumetric flow. The pump features a high-pressure shaft made from stainless steel, a cast iron body and floating bearing for long-term reliability, and a lubrication-shielded steel housing for comprehensive protection against dust and dirt. The pump is driven by an electric motor which is capable of delivering up to 10HP of power. The motor is designed to generate low RPM for high torque and a smooth operating curve. This enables the pump to generate higher pressure than comparable units while keeping noise and vibration to a minimum. It is also highly efficient and produces fewer emissions than fossil-fueled alternatives. HC4 MK2 has a variety of features which allow it to be adapted for a wide range of applications. The dual seal design and oversized check valve minimizes the risk of over-pressurization and reduces back flow, while the integrated bearing lubrication system provides additional protection against wear and tear. The pump also features an adjustable relief valve to maintain a consistent output pressure and ensure consistent performance. For the most challenging of high-pressure jobs, APD HC4 MK2 is the ideal choice. Its high torque motor and robust construction ensures reliable performance in the most demanding applications. The integrated lubrication system minimizes friction losses and improves efficiency, while the dual seals and oversized check valve ensure a safe and reliable operation. The extensive range of features make it an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.
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