Used AUSTIN SCIENTIFIC / ASC 320 #9089784 for sale

ID: 9089784
Cryo monitor.
AUSTIN SCIENTIFIC / ASC 320 is a pneumatically driven, multi-stage centrifugal pump. It is designed for critical high pressure applications, making it ideal for the oil and gas industry. It can handle pressures up to 10,000 Psi and is designed with a tungsten-carbide-coated, stainless steel impeller. This ensures long-term durability and low maintenance. ASC 320 is also capable of upholding a variety of operating temperatures and can operate at pressures up to 4,350 Psi in hot, abrasive conditions. The pump design features a specific rotor profile to ensure optimum efficiency and durability during operation, with a low-vibration design that keeps noise levels low and pump operation smooth. The internal components are constructed from the highest-grade materials with stainless steel shafts, strictly controlled wear-resistance alloys, and superior performance seals for long-term operation. AUSTIN SCIENTIFIC 320 offers several features that make it ideal for difficult operating conditions. It is constructed to offer maximum protection from sand and dirt, and a specialized debris filter traps large particles for reduced downtime and long-term reliability. The filter can be quickly changed out without opening the main housing, alleviating the need for extended maintenance procedures. 320 is also designed with a combination of hard-wearing rubber and elastomers, providing a durable, low-friction seal to ensure a tight, leak-proof design even at the highest operating pressures. This design also helps reduce operational costs by increasing the service life of the pump and eliminating the need for excessive wear-resistant alloys. Overall, AUSTIN SCIENTIFIC / ASC 320 is designed for economical operation and superior performance in some of the most difficult operating conditions. With a combination of durable construction, innovative design features, and superior material selection, ASC 320 provides reliable and efficient service in a wide range of applications.
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